"Colatura di Alici" traditional Italian anchovy sauce, from Cetara - Amalfi Coast (50ml)

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- Origin: Cetara, Costiera Amalfitana - 100% Made in Italy
- Caratteristiche: Cetara's "Colatura di Alici" (literally "anchovies drip") is an amber liquid sauce obtained from the maturation of salted anchovies.
- Uses: The Colatura di Alici is mainly used as spaghetti dressing, but it fits very well to flavor fish and vegetable dishes. Also good with pan-fried vegetables (beets, spinach,..) along with olive oil, garlic and chili.
- Production: The sauce is strictly made from anchovies caught from a "cianciola" (a vessel specializing in fishing Mediterranean blue fish) in the period between March 25 - corresponding to the Catolic festivity of the Annunciation - until July 22 - the day dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene according to the Catolic calendar.
- History: The origins of this gourmet product date back to the Romans, which produced a very similar sauce called "garum". The recipe was then recovered in the Middle Ages by the monastic groups present on the Coast, who stored the anchovies in wooden barrels with sloping slats placed between two oak beams; under the action of the salt, the anchovies would loose liquid that leaked through the cracks of the barrels.